training small dogs - Dog fight

Tags: meaning of dog names , small dogs names , dog care game , lhasa apso dogs pictures

Added: 5 FEBRUARY 2007

Location:  Philippines – Republic of the Philippines

Gear: NIKON D40

by Gregory

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free maltese puppy in - private dog training

Tags: whippet dog picture , Pit bull puppy , pug names , Pictures of small dog breeds

Added: 10 SEPTEMBER 2007

Location:  Moldova – Republic of Moldova 

Gear: Kodak DC210 Zoom (V05.00)              

by Noelia

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boxer puppy dog - find dog breeders

Tags: dog and puppy , information about different dog breeds , dog feeding information , maltese puppy for free

Added: 13 DECEMBER 2008

Location:  Mayotte – Departmental Collectivity of Mayotte (French overseas collectivity)

Gear: Nikon Corporation E700                             

by Chance

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dog birth information - information on small dog

Tags: chihuahua dogs , golden retriever dogs , puppy for free , Dog breed identification

Added: 25 OCTOBER 2008

Location: Poland 

Gear: Fujifilm FinePix40i                       

by Ezra

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pictures of poodle dogs - wild dog picture

Tags: Mix breed dog pictures , airedale dog pictures , firehouse dog breed , poo dog information

Added: 9 APRIL 2007

Location:  New Zealand

Gear: Konica Minolta DiMAGE A200                      

by Alisha

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small quiet dogs - Mastiff puppies

Tags: information about dog , rottweiler puppy , dogs diseases , picture of havanese dog

Added: 5 MAY 2007

Location:  Albania – Republic of Albania

Gear: Konica Minolta DiMAGE F200                      

by Kadin

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Dog breed quizzes - breed characteristics

Tags: dog breed testing , king charles dog pictures , cocker spaniel dogs , guard dogs

Added: 2 SEPTEMBER 2007

Location:  Swaziland – Kingdom of Swaziland

Gear: Olympus C70Z,C7000Z                      

by Hannah

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